Friday, October 7, 2011

Planning your new website - Introduction

The one where we compare the website creation process to a new born baby.

In this series, we will explore the website design process right from early planning to maintenance and updates. So subscribe to the blog and share it with anyone who might be about to go through the website creation process.

A website should be seen as a living, breathing entity, that requires planning in advance and care once online. However, to be able to complete this planning, the process to develop and maintain a new website needs to be clearly understood – something that is not commonly known. To illustrate the importance of planning, let’s think about a process that most people will understand quite well, and I guarantee every person has been through at least once in their life; the new born baby process.

While the conception is not always planned, a parent still has the better part of 9 months to plan and organise the arrival; Day 1. However they do not only plan for Day 1. Planning (whether formally in writing or as an informal thought process) will be set in place for at least the first year. What clothes are they going to wear? What will they eat? Where will they sleep? How will their nappy be changed? What support might be needed? What changes will occur within your household to accommodate this new person? And how often will all these tasks happen?

Introducing a new website into your organisation and the online world should be no different to introducing a new baby into the real world. Consideration needs to be given to what will happen after it arrives, or goes live. To help you with your knowledge of the website creation process, and subsequently your planning, following are the typical stages taken to plan, design, develop, maintain and introduce a new website into the online world.  Awww, isn’t she cute...

1.       Planning
2.       Design & Development
3.       Putting Your Site Online
4.       Monitor & Analyse Traffic
5.       Content Management
6.       Extensibility, Enhancement & Interactivity
7.       Routine Maintenance

Over the coming weeks we will explore each of the above stages in the website development process in more detail. We will also post some handy resources and downloads to help you work with your website design and development partner and ensure a successful website launch. You can subscribe to this blog to receive notifications when we post new updates.

Paul Brick

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