Friday, May 10, 2013

Twitter chooses Drupal for their official blog

At the beginning of this month Twitter announced that they had re-launched their blog on Drupal. Twitter have used Drupal for their developer site for sometime and their blog was previously run on Google's blogger platform. Not only was this great news for Drupal as a platform and as a community, but it was great news for us here at Newbiz Solutions as we believe Drupal is the superior open source content management platform for developing content rich website and other web applications.

Drupal is growing at amazing rate and it powers some of the busiest sites on the web. There are now millions of sites using drupal including high profile sites such as IKEA,The White House, Fedex, Harvard University, MTV, The United Nations, Amnesty International and Warner Bros.

Drupal is the content management platform of choice at Newbiz Solutions as it offers the flexibility and extensibility to satisfy a wide variety of client requirements. Drupal is an open-source content management platform that can be customised to include the following functionality and integration with:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - numerous configuration options, such as human- readable URLs, customisable page titles, meta tags
  • Web Analytics - Integration with Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce - Online stores and shopping cart sites
  • Social - User registration, user accounts, website memberships, social media platform integration, polls/voting, blogs, forums and social commenting & reviews
  • Search - Customisable search and search results
  • Flexible Content - Endless number of content types to make website updates a breeze
  • Content Organisation - Content tagging for improved information architecture
  • Lead Generation - Contact forms and integration with CRM and marketing automation systems
  • Mapping - Google Maps Integration
  • Content Syndication - Newsfeeds, RSS and subscription

Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla

Choosing Drupal is your first step to achieving a solid web based content management platform upon which to build your web application. When properly maintained and updated consistently to ensure you are running the latest and most secure version, Drupal has been proven to be extremely secure and reliable; backed up by the large government and private organisations that have chosen Drupal vs WordPress or Joomla.

Newbiz Solutions works with businesses and organizations to plan, produce, launch and support Drupal websites. Some recent sites we have developed using the platform are:

Central Highlands Water -

Cancer Australia -

Drupal is not just a piece of software, it represents a growing community of real people who have a passion for the web. The Open Source community (of which Drupal plays a big role) is always working to make the web open and accessible for all. So for a web based giant such as Twitter to choose Drupal as the platform of choice for its developer site and blog shows that Open Source software really has come of age and is winning the battle against proprietary solutions. So thank you Twitter. Thank you for supporting Drupal and the Open Web. We support this great move!  

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