Thursday, May 23, 2013

What are landing pages and how can they transform your approach to online advertising and website design?

Landing pages within website design are a critical step to the success of any website yet they are often overlooked by business owners, marketers, designers and web developers as a whole.

Below I will discuss what a landing page is, why you need landing pages and how they can help your business.

What is a landing page?
A landing page is essentially a website page specific to your product or service (sometimes referred to as a lead capture page). It highlights your offer and has a clear call to action. It is generally a key product or service and is designed to specifically give the audience direction and drive them to fill out a form, download a file, sign up to a newsletter or even pick up the phone.

A landing page is importantly, specific to the requirements of your business, and your clients.

Why do I need landing pages?
Let’s put together a little scenario. A potential customer is searching for one of your products or services. Lets say they do a Google Search for ‘Apple iPad Mini’. What results would you expect to see? 

Ideally you would like to see your business appear. But let’s take this concept further. Lets say you would like your business to appear but the page that appears on Google is specific to the search term ‘Apple iPad Mini’. In effect a specific page created for searches or customers looking for this product or service.

A customer has found the information they are after and they click on the result. The key difference here between a landing page and a normal website is that the customer is taken directly to a page about your product or service. In this case a page on the Apple iPad Mini. Not the website's home page which is crowded with information.

Landing pages can be found through Google searches, online advertising or direct links from a press ad or a television commercial. They form an integral part of online marketing and your business needs landing pages to achieve the same results as the example set out above. But what happens when a users gets to this page; we look at how a landing page can help your business below.

How can a landing page help my business?
As we head into a truly digital era most business owners and managers understand we need to look at a website with a fresh and open mind. We should not be treating a website purely as a brochure site containing information to our business. This is where a landing page can help your business. 

After driving traffic to your landing page we are looking to pass on information about your product or service in a clear and concise way. We will then have a clear call to action such as filling out a form, purchasing a product or signing up to a newsletter. These are what digital marketers will refer to as conversions. Essentially something they can record, a statistic they can measure and an outcome for your business.

The thing about landing pages is you are probably already touching on the basic concept through your existing website. But the key is making sure it all works cohesively and is measurable. Once a customer has filled out a form, made contact with your business or organisation you now have the ability to follow up this lead.

You will benefit from increased conversions (more enquiries), an informed customer, higher traffic, more sales, better search results and information on what is working and importantly what is not working.

In Summary
A landing page is a must have. We can explore this further but this article is simply intended to get you thinking about different ways to approach your next website or ways you can get one step ahead of your competitors.

By Mark Wall, Senior Graphic Designer at Newbiz Solutions

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